CURRENT NEEDS: Updated May 2022


Am / PM Line Cooks, Am / PM Dishwashers.


Always looking for the BEST!

Apply in person at 751 Price Street, Pismo Beach, CA 93449

We only discuss employment in person, best time to stop in is Monday through Thursday between 3:00 and 4:00, other times may work also. Please do not call the restaurant. 

Management applicants may send a resume via e-mail or postal service. jamie@crackedcrab.com

This business requires us to be flexible. We welcome applicants who are in school, just need a few days or nights, or those looking for full time positions. We have very high standards regarding food preparation, service and cleanliness. We even require our staff to be on time!

I was employed by many different people and many different companies over the span of my 35 plus years working. I respected all of them for what they did, and liked a couple of them as friends. I was the "boss" in the eyes of many employees, but the truth is, in the corporate world, you are never the boss. It's either the stockholders, the bank, the investors, whatever. Kath and I have no boss, no stockholders, no bank, no investors or whatever. We have a vision and a belief that good food, good service in a clean building will bring the customers back.

We will always have good food, we will always have good service, and we will always have a clean building. If you are a person who would like to make good money and help us achieve this goal, come on in.

No slugs allowed.

June 19th, 2024